Grants/ Scholarship Policy

Any scholarship or grantreceived by the student such WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act), IDPH (Illinois
Department of Public Health) Scholarship,or any such scholarship or grant will affect student’s financial aid awards during any academic year.Upon receiving any such scholarship or grant, the student will be repackaged to determine if any over award exists.Any scholarship or grant must be included in “Estimated Other Financial Assistance”for the student’s financial aid package for that academic year. If the scholarship or the grant received by the student is causing over award with Tittle IV Funds, the student’s title IV funds will be adjusted to eliminate the over award. The funds will be adjusted in the order of Un-Sub, Sub, and Pell . If all of the funds for the academic year award have already been disbursed to the student’s ledger, any over award of Title IV funds resulting from scholarship and/or grant will be returned to the Department of Education.