Transfer Policy

i.     PCCTI does accept LPN transfer students. Completed course work must be from an accredited institution only. In order to transfer, a student must have the following:

  1. Submit your official transcripts of PN program attended, which must reflect ore-requisites and coursework completed. The transcripts will be reviewed and evaluated by PCCTI Administration. (This Step must be completed prior to progressing through the transfer process).
  2. Attend scheduled meeting wi th the School Director or Manager to determine if submitted PN Coursework and ore-requisites are compatible with PCCTI’s curriculum and coursework. You may schedule an appointment via telephone, 630-705-9999 or email
  3. Successfully pass written/online PCCTI Exam and a clinical Exam, which should reflect competency and knowledge level of content in previous courses. Additionally, this will serve as the Final exam for previously completed coursework. The final exam is required in progressing forward and being registered into the PCCTI course you are entering. For example, if you will be transferring into the 2nd Semester N102 of the program, you will be required to take the final exam for Fundamentals and Pharmacology for the end of the 1st quarter. The online exam and the skills exam must be scheduled a week prior to testing.
  4. There are a maximum of two attempts for the online exam and the skills exam. Should a second attempt be needed, the second attempt must be completed within 30 days of the first attempt.
  5. Upon Successful compl etion of the final exam and prior to beginning the program, transfer students must submit required paperwork as our regular PN students. (This includes but is not limited to: High School Diploma or GED, immunizations, CPR, Drug testing, physical, background check).
  6. Transfer students can enter the LPN program based on availability only. Student must complete at least two Semester (N102 & N103) in order to become a graduate of PCCTI .
  7. As N101 books are used throughout the PN program, transfer students will have to purchase the Foundations of Nursing, Nursing Interventions and Clinical Skills, and Basic Pharmacology for Nurses books.

ii.   PCCTI accepts the pr erequisites of college level Anatomy & Physiology with a grade of a “C’ or higher from other accredited institutions, colleges and universities. The credits are evaluated by the registrar / campus manager and on-site administrator. The following steps will be taken to deter mine if the credits is acceptable:

  1. The student must submit transcripts of their credits.
  2. The campus manager and registrar will evaluate on the following criteria:
  • Verify that the school is accredited by an accreditation agency that is recognized by the US Department of Education.
  • Verify that the student has achieved a grade of a “C” or higher in the course.
  • Verify that the course meets a minimum of 120-160 clock hours or 8-11 credit hours.

Any student desiring to enroll into the LPN program at PCCTI and has completed the entire LPN program at a different institution and failed, must follow the same enrollment process but will be exempt from furnishing Anatomy & Physiology transcript.

Please note that at the time of publication, PCCTI is a vocational technical certification school. PCCTI does not work on a credit system. Credit hours will not be accepted from other institutions. The amount of clock hours transferred from PCCTI to another institution may not be accepted as credit hours.

Completion of LPN program & gaining NCLEX-PN licensure may be transferable to other schools, colleges, or universities. PCCTI highly recommends that students should consult with institutions to which they may seek to transfer. For further information, please call 630-705-9999.